Schoolboys in Detention

These young French schoolboys, aged 18 to 21, are not always attentive in class and they often find themselves punished with several hours of detention in the study room. A punishment? Not really because, in this room, it gets out of hand. The students manage to fuck their teachers and their supervisors into submission. And when there is no teacher around, they go down on each other under the desk before exposing their sweet asses in the middle of the room. Learning about sex is far easier than doing maths exercises.

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As soon as the school boys are left alone in the study room, they end up fooling around instead of studying. Jessy writes sexual words on the blackboard before putting his words into practice with handsome Sunny Blue. On the desk or doggy style, Sunny takes Jessy James' superzise tool up his ass. And to top it all, a facial cum shot. Phew... They have been lucky, there was no teacher around.


Con : Jessy JamesSunny Blue Categoria : Made in FranceChicos jóvenesCorridas en la caraMenoboy DVD: 1 heure de colle Tempo : 17'


Thibault Tribou is having a hard time focusing in the study room. He keeps thinking about his friend's dick. Raphael tries to tutor him but his efforts are vain. Thibault pushes his notebook away, unzips his fly and whips out his huge dick, right in front of Raphael. Raph takes hold of his friend's shafts and sucks it down deep, giving him a grade-A head. Since there's no one around, Raphael lies down on a desk, on his back and spreads his butt to let the dick of the young dunce in. Those school boys are far better at sex than in school.


Con : Thibault TribouRaphaël Yeaahh Categoria : Made in FranceChicos jóvenesFeatured videoMenoboy DVD: 1 heure de colle Tempo : 12'


This week I went to a French inner-city high school and I have to admit: those young inner-city boys are hot. In a studying room, I filmed Raphael getting fucked by his friend while the supervisor was on his cigarette break. Crazy! Here is how it went: Raphael, a young gay boy walks up to the supervisor's desk and he steals a yellow highlighter. Then, under the desk he finds out a few condoms and some lube. He goes back to his seat, laughing. As his boner starts growing, his crotch is bulging. Noticing it, his friend, Maxence Angel, offers him a blow job. At first, Raphael hesitates but he lets his friend suck him under the desk. However, Maxence does not want to stop there, he wants to go all the way and to pound him on the table. With Maxence's thick 7.8-inch tool, Raphael is having have rough time...


Con : Maxence AngelRaphaël Yeaahh Categoria : Made in FranceChicos jóvenesÁrabes gayCorridas en la caramulti-étnicosFeatured videoMenoboy DVD: 1 heure de colle Tempo : 13'


Thibault Tribou gets hazed by Julyann Roch and one of his friends in detention. The two high-school boys insult him and throw their pen cases at him. Then, they put their dicks in his mouth. The hot twink takes it as best as he can. But since one of the bullies prefers to be fucked in the ass, Thibault and Julyann take care of it. In turns, they break the cute schoolboy's ass on a desk. Finally, Julyann lets Thibault drill him on a chair until he cums inside of him. Julyan, on his part, sprays his creamy load over the school furniture.


Con : Thibault TribouJulyann Roch Categoria : Made in FranceChicos jóvenesOrgías GayTíos peludosFeatured videoMenoboy DVD: 1 heure de colle Tempo : 16'


In this dunce room, Julyann is not in a studying mood. On his notebook, he is drawing the dick of the teacher who is watching over him. Noticing that the schoolboy is not studying, the teacher asks him to show him his notebook. But, at first, Julyann refuses, before bringing it to his desk at the second request. When he sees the drawing, the teacher scolds him and then gives him a punishment that fits the crime. It is up to you to say if the the punishment does fit the crime. According to me, Julyann will certainly re-offend next time he is in detention.


Con : Julyann Roch Categoria : Made in FranceChicos jóvenesTíos peludosFeatured videoMenoboy DVD: 1 heure de colle Tempo : 16'