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Porn stars Rico Marlon flip Maxence Angel
Porn stars Rico Marlon flip Maxence Angel

Porn stars Rico Marlon and Maxence Angel meet for a hot sex sucking each other deeepthroat, rimming each other, fucking each other finishing with Rico loading Maxence's ass while Rico makes Maxence cum while he's pounding him hard.

Anal & Chill
Anal & Chill

There are those who prefer to finish the day in front of their screen and those who prefer to fuck. I prefer to fuck and I went to this young man's house to use his holes. We sat down, it was chill, we were naked, then I gave him my cock to suck. He did really well and I ended up taking his ass, tenderly and then harder, to make him come. Fucking is the best way yo relax for sure.

DreamBoy Hotel

Setting up for the big presentation, new face and rather dashing McKensie meets bellboy-cum-handyman Lucas finishing off the polishing and offers to help McKensie set up and if there’s anything else he can do to make him happy… Well McKensie wastes no time and asks him how he sucks dick! Nothing like being to the point, and Lucas is soon literally there, sucking on his rock solid veiny dick.. talk about good service from the DreamBoy Hotel! Bending Lucas over the desk, folders and paperwork get swept aside and replaced with hard twink fucking, McKensie giving Lucas the ass workout of the decade, keeping his dick sliding all the way in and out as he is pinned to the desk, loving every second. Returning the favour, his DreamBoy training tells him his needs to fuck too and boy does he rise to the occasion, McKensie’s butt is fed Lucas’ thick shaft and he’s jerked off with every thrust, their toned young bodies looking fit as fuck as they flex and twist, getting closer, soon spurting and leaving them late for work and very sticky indeed!

The boys at the cottage

The boys arrive at the cottage, and being shown to their rooms by sexy French boy Leo. There’s already an air of discord among the couples and baby faced Lyle Boyce is caught right in the middle of muscled young stud Kayden and cute twinky Zac’s relationship angst. Pouring wine the first evening and being left alone in the lounge, Lyle lets slip how sexy he finds Kayden, and always the player, Kayden picks up on it and gets what he wants from the slim pale young boy. Seeing Lyle’s face pushed up against Kayden’s rock hard abs and pecs, he loves the thought of being used by him, and boy is he used! Kayden flops out his solid 9” meat, thick enough to be a struggle for Lyle to even fit in his mouth, but that’s not going to stop him! Getting face fucked hard by the dark and handsome Kayden, Lyle is almost split in two when he’s pulled on top of that monster dick and lowered over it, filling him up with more dick than he’s ever had in his young life. All the while, CottageBoy Leo is at the window, enjoying the show from the darkness outside, watching and wanking intently until he himself creams all over the ivy, and Kayden squirts a massive load all over Lyle, leaving this freshly fucked young lad sore, used and definitely abused, but with the broadest grin on his face ever.

Getting pounded by a gay puppy
Getting pounded by a gay puppy

I like to experiment new stuff. I ran into this dom top gay puppy and he asked me to wait for him on all fours in a wrestler's outfit, with my ass in the air. I obeyed. Finding myself like that in that outfit, with my ass available, got me so horny. The guy had a great cock and he absolutely destroyed my hole ! At some point, I just couldn't hold back any longer and released my cum. You'll hear me moan quite loudly.

Rhys sexy Asian in pasha mode is masturbating his cock

Nervously walking in, handsome Asian guy Rhys sits down on the sofa in front of Daddy Dave and admits he’s a bit unsure about what to expect. Given a quick interview by the man himself, Rhys is slowly directed to strip off, showing his smooth body, hiding behind his arms a bit as it’s his first time on camera. Having been with a few guys before, Rhys is up for it and wants to impress, and Dave is quickly getting him naked to enjoy the tasty young lad! Slurping on his dick, Dave massages the growing shaft with his lips and mouth and jerks the hairless young man until he shoots, lapping up the white stuff and cleaning his now relaxed latest casting couch conquest! Gay asian boy gets masturbation. His sexy dick is handeled by daddy Dave who realy want to jerk that asian cock and to catch all the hot sperm of this sexy young asian guy.

Kings Cross Pick-up

Recalling another past fuck, Ian this time has the time of his life when ‘TV Star’ Brace pulls up in a wicked car and asks him to join them for a lay-by fuck with his mate in the passenger seat. Both Brace and Tristan have stunningly smooth bodies and delicious dicks you just want to swallow!! With both cute lads working on Ian’s body, it’s easy to see why he’s in rock hard heaven as almost every ass in views is being used, until the car gets a new coat, freshly produced spunk, splattered all over the paintwork and Brace get’s Ian’s load across his smooth pale chest.

Enjoy the view, give your ass and your juice
Enjoy the view, give your ass and your juice

This guy wanted to show off. I got him naked in my hotel room and made him stand in front of the window for all to see while I started to eat his ass. He loved it and I could feel that he wanted me to fuck him. He loved showing off and ended up wanting to cum in my mouth. Hot!

Hard gay dicks in the church

Changing into their Choir outfits in the vestry, young singers Luke Desmond and Rox Matthews waste time, distracted by their own lean, smooth bodies being on show to one another. Rox, speaking fluent French to English lad Luke tells him ‘something naughty’ and that’s all it takes for Luke to then whip his giant stiff dick and wave it in the tiny French boys face, looking massive and nearly splitting him in half with it! There’s no more time to waste and Rox devours as much of Luke’s swinging meat as possible into his mouth but unable to fit even half of it inside him! Moving to that peachy ass of his, Luke wets his choir-mate’s ass and slowly slides the entire length deep into him, nearly fucking him off the chair in the process! Picking his fuck-buddy up and getting him to bounce atop his now fully engorged dick, Rox feels every one of those 9 inches inside him and both soon shoot their loads, narrowly missing the Deacon’s prized vestments! Very nearly caught by the Deacon himself, it’s a close-call and one the Deacon probably wishes he found!

Kayden Gray pounded at the countryside

The next day and breakfast in paradise turns sour as Kayden invites Niall’s ex to the party. Kayden’s current boyfriend Zac is furious and storms out, with Kayden following him, eager for either reconciliation or more drama, but what he wants the most is a hot fuck with his fried up boyfriend! Stripping off in the great outdoors, the sun is shining on their bodies making them glow with a great skin tone, it looks beautiful, and the dick sucking action is to die for! As they move around the meadows they have the hottest outdoor fuck in history, and Kayden is so turned on by his toned lover that he even gets the urge to bottom for him, his dripping, pre-cum covered dick bouncing as he takes in all of Zac’s dick up his bubble butt and both boys explode with load after load of spunk, releasing all the tension of the day, and perhaps even turning their rocky relationship around!

11” Matt Hughes in outdoor three-way

Chris finally gets some action, and with super hung Matt, it’s been worth the wait!! Catching him and Jak enjoying great oral, his enormous thick dick gets Chris wanking furiously from afar. Called over to join in, the hot three-way begins and Jak gets everything Matt’s got to offer shoved straight up his ass. Getting his ass truly used, Matt grinds every last inch deeper into him, the cum soaked boy gets a faceful of spunk from both hot lads, Chris letting out an impressive stream of cum straight towards the camera!! Having had his way, hung Matt leaves the two guys fully sated under the trees.

Holidays are made for fuck

Jamie misses the warm sun, and not even Brighton can provide that, so he heads to Ibiza where he quickly finds some hot twinks sucking dick on the beach at sunset. They clearly won’t say no to a third twink joining in, so Jamie slips his cock in wherever it is welcome and the threesome builds up to a sticky climax. Jamie enjoys a poolside fuck with one of his new found friends as they soak up the sun, and rub some factor 50 jizz into their skin after a pounding in the open. Exploring more of Ibiza, Jamie finds a nice spot amongst the bushes for another spur of the moment fuck. Enjoying being out in the outdoors where no one can see them, these two ride hard and fast until they are smiling with satisfaction. As his Ibiza trip comes to an end, Jamie makes sure he goes out with a bang. Literally. He meets up with two hot twinks for a cliff face fuck under the setting sun. The boys know it will be their last time together so make sure they go hard before going home. The amount of spunk they shoot proves they enjoyed this one!