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Hard dicks at Bed & Breakfast

This Bed & Breakfast is run by Dante Colle and Donte Thick. These two gay sex bombshells know how to entertain their guests. A twink traveler is in for a memorable stay. Settled in his room, he takes a nap and has an erotic dream that gives him a hard-on. Dante Colle enters the room and is surprised to find him with an erection. Awake, the traveler is still hard, and finds himself with Dante and Donte playing with his thick, beautiful cock. Greedy blowjobs in every direction and all in all a very naughty gay threesome. This is a 5-star place to fuck.

Between us
Between us

When a young gay arab man love another young gay arab man, it's so beautiful to watch. They don't need luxury hotels or champagne to live out their romance. Moha and Cocksucer meet in a parking lot, for a discreet blow job. Their kisses are mega-romantic, their cocks are hard, the two young gay arab men know what they have to do.

Gay Twink for Dolan Wolf

Hitting the ground running with hairy muscle man Dolan Wolf getting off on the slim, pale and very twinky Lyle Boyce, we’re treated instantly to Lyle eager to unbutton Dolan’s suit shirt. Exposing his hairy chest and hard abs, Lyle doesn’t stop there, desperate to get into his daddy’s pants. Fumbling with anticipation at the belt, Daddy Dolan helps him out, just as horny to get his twink naked, he pulls his shirt off him and drags him to his face, kissing him hard as he half caresses, half gropes Lyle’s ass, as if telling the twink where he’s going to go next. Tossing Lyle all over the place, his hairless milky white body is there solely for the pleasure of Dolan, even his impressively large dick is used to get him off as he slurps on the guy stick before moving to his favourite place, that smooth virgin ass! Giving us the best views of the hot ass fucking, down Dolan’s buff body and seeing his dick slide into Lyle doggy style is just the beginning of a damn hot tryst and the shared cumshots finish this action off perfectly!

Straight man gets a taste for cock

He gets into a car, finds himself between two gay pussies, and is filmed by a gay porn director. This straight man is in for an experience he won't forget. Turned on by the two pussies, he initially resists. Then he lets himself be persuaded and tastes cock for the first time... and quickly gets a taste for it. The sensation of a cock in his mouth proves to be good and exciting, he lets loose more and more and a hot threesome unfolds.

Don't lie : you are obsessed with my dick

This handsome bisexual guy is proud of his cock. His buddy can't resist him. No matter how hard he tries to hide it, he's hooked on his cock and loves being dominated by it. One look and he's worshipping him. What's the point in resisting pleasure? Because he loves it and needs it.

You have a nice cock, can I suck it?

Scally Lad James Dixon has a cock that would bring a tear to anyone’s eye! Wandering about the streets of London he finds an alley way to get it out and do what he loves to do most, play with it!! Working his cock hard outside is something that gets him going and causes his precum to flow! Lucky for James Twinky Aaron Aurora catches sight of his cock and wants a piece! James won’t have to play it solo today! Aaron wastes no time dropping to his knees and taking James’ cock in his mouth! James wants more than a blow job in an alley and tells Aaron to get up and come with him to a place they can have more fun! Arriving in an abandoned warehouse and continuing where they left off James face fucks Aaron who is only too pleased to work his cock! James takes out Aarons cock and sucks it till he can’t wait anymore, flipping him over James spits on his hole before burying his huge cock balls deep into his twinky face down fuck buddy! Swapping positions James doesn’t let up on slamming his skinny friends hole until Aaron shoots a load all over his tight abs! James pulling out and jerking himself over his hot and cummy playmate soon follows with a huge cum shot to add to an already cummy Aaron.

Dude, you're driving my ass crazy !

Faced with this very tall, virile, hairy guy, this inexperienced bearded man feels very small and submissive. The guy will take care of his ass like a God and make him cum like crazy. First the guys suck each other's dicks in a reciprocal fashion. Then the giant grabs the white ass, licks it passionately, dilating it automatically. Once he's in there, there's no talking about it: it's ecstasy.

Drew Dixon jerked off by daddy

Handsome hipster Drew joins Dave on the couch, chatting happily with the host who can’t wait to see Drew slowly unbutton his check shirt, and what’s revealed is a tasty treat for anyone’s eyes! Blond fuzz on the chest and abs that are to die for, Dave really can’t hold back and gets his hands rubbing all over them, down to his growing bulge. Undoing the skinny jeans, Drew’s hot ass is framed perfectly and the smile on Dave’s face shows just how good it feels too. Relaxing into it, and the sofa, Drew, bare feet up on the table and hard dick in Dave’s hand, his rests, but those tight abs are still popping and looking mighty fine as Dave’s tongue flicks over them and up to his nips. Spurting his load as Dave pumps his shaft hard, the heavy breathing Drew raises an arm to the side allowing Dave to get every last drop of cum off his beautifully hot body.

Daddy, caress me and make me suck your dick

24 year old Josh from the midlands joins Dave on the sofa, and his handsome face gets Dave very excited, and with good reason. Taking off his shirt, he reveals a trimmed hairy chest, nice square pecs and tight sixpack, something that will get us all growing in our pants. Asked to stand, Josh teases us all more when he sports a jockstrap, his delicious ass on show just the entrée for his hot cock that Dave quickly manhandles into an erect state. Bak on the sofa, Dave can’t get enough of the guy’s chest, nibbling on his nips, rubbing his hands over the dude and devouring dick, all whilst Josh lays back and enjoys his first time on camera. Feet up on the table towards to the camera, legs apart showing his balls and cock, the handsome man jerks himself gently, getting hornier and hornier. Dave can’t hold back and gets his own huge dick out and cock hungry Josh returns the dick sucking action, filling that cute face with Dave’s dick. On his knees jerking hard, Josh creams himself, his hips bucking hard and muscled torso tight as his cum spurts over himself, soon joined by Dave’s own load over that fit body of his.

On all fours, you're always less shy

This guy's cute, he likes cock but he's shy. His partner is going to put his big cock in his mouth and then put him on all fours to turn him on. In position, he gradually forgets his shyness as he gets penetrated deeper and deeper. Anal sex is so liberating. Forget yourself and take it deep.

Barefoot Italian gay twink enjoys a good blowjob

Cute Italian twink Marco is first up to the sofa with daddy Dave London waiting readily for him. After a quick interview, Dave wastes no time in getting the italian guy to strip off, showing his tasty smooth body, which Dave enjoys very much! His wandering hands are soon diving into Marco’s tight blue briefs, pulling on his dick and then getting his lips wrapped around it, tasting him deep. The nerves are easily visible from the dark haired guy, but he’s also enjoying every moment showing off his toned torso and by the creamy climax, he’s up for more hardcore action next time!

In a great twink ass, you always score
In a great twink ass, you always score

These two gay Brazilian twinks love to play basketball, but they prefer to fuck after the game: sex is a game from which you always come out the winner. Smooth and pretty, these two guys turn out to be very passionate and tireless fuckers, perfectly versatile. After reciprocal blowjobs, they fuck each other all afternoon in bed until an explosion of cum.