A Very Private Lesson

Duración: 20 min

Every week, Alexis takes piano lessons with a hot teacher, T. Bow. And every week, the two guys take advantage of the piano lesson to practice Alexis' fingering but not on the piano, if you know what I mean. And today, Alexis goes straight to the point: he kisses him right away and soon off the clothes go. In the middle of his parents' living room, Alexis gives his teacher a long kiss. He presses his smooth fit body up against T. Bow's and he can feel his teacher's shaft stiffen against his stomach. Then, he drops to his knees to take T. Bow's thick dick in his mouth. But the blowjob does not last long: the teacher wants to take it to take it to the next level. He swings his student down to the nearest armchair and he starts sticking his dick into the French twink's warm ass. Their routine goes smoothly: their movements are accurate and the pace is well-mastered. T. Bow moves his dick in and out of Alexis' sweet hole, slowly at first and then with more energy, while gently kissing to his young lover. After getting fucked on his back, Alexis moves over to another chair and gets plowed on all fours. T. Bow shoves his dick deep inside Alexis' ass. They then move to a standing-fuck and T.Bow grabs Alexis' hips to make him feel every inch of his teacher's big tool. It's a real passionate embrace between those two! T. Bow is turned on so much that he tries not to cum and stands still to make the lesson last a little bit longer. To give his teacher some time to relax, Alexis sits on him and ride his dick, gently. Finally, T. Bow takes charge, lifts his student in a manly way and puts him own on a stool. He resumes plowing him hard until he pulls out and cums on Alexis' smooth abs. With such sex lessons paid by his parents, there is no denying the fact that Alexis id overjoyed and as far as T. Bow is concerned, he knows that his method is very profitable!

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