Frequently Asked Questions is a part of the large network composed of 33 gay adult theaters, operated from France. To watch gay videos on our theaters please create a free user account and login on some of our theaters.

User account allows you to watch our weekly free videos and trailers. To watch paid videos on our websites, please purchase some TICKETS or subscribe to UNLIMITED ACCESS offer.

Unlimited Access
Our offer called ”Unlimited Access” allows you to watch as many videos you want on all our theaters as long you keep your membership active. After the payment on servers of our payment provider Paybox, unlimited access will be activated instantly on your user account. You will be able to watch 17929 videos on 33 gay theaters.

Rebils & Cancellation
Your bank card will be billed every 30 days untill you cancel your membership. To cancel your membership at any time, click on cancel my membership link in ”My Account” section. You can also contact our Customer support by email or phone. We reply to all customer mails within 24h.

Segpay clients
Customers who subscribed their membership on the former version of the website (via SEGPAY, and not via Paybox), are invited to visit, for billing inquiries, or to cancel their membership. Those transactions appear on your credit card statement as "SEGPAYEU.COM*StudioPresse".

Downloads & DVD
Unlimited Access does NOT allow you to download videos. To download our videos please use our ”Tickets” offer. Scenes taken from DVDs already published on our websites are inculded in Unlimited Access offer. You can watch those videos as any other. Please notice that some scenes originaly composing a specific DVD may not be immediately available online. We add 25 videos every week, remaining scenes will be published progressively.

Tickets allows you to rent or to download videos on all our websites. Videos are available for 24h rent and most of them also for 24h download.

Videos downloaded on your PC or Mac are definitely acquired. To watch them later, you do not have to pay again. However, if you delete those videos from your PC or Mac, to download same videos again, you'll have to use new tickets.

Our videos are usually priced 1-10 tickets. Your credit of tickets can be used on all our websites at any time, until consumed. Tickets do not expire. Unused credit of tickets will remain on your user account for many years.

Tickets are not submitted to automatic rebill policy. To ad new credit of tickets to your account our payment provider will ask you to provide again your credit card number. Buy more tickets at once and save up to 50%.

Customers who want to watch or download our videos from times to time only will find Tickets as most suitable offer for their needs. Customers who would like to watch as many videos they want on daily basis will be better served with our "Unlimited Access" offer.
The simplest solution is to use Google Chrome or Firefox browser!

Some clients have reported having troubles to watch our videos with Internet Explorer 10 (on their PC) or Samsung Internet (on Android devices). By installing and using the latest versions of Google Chrome and/or Firefox browsers, they have solved the problem.

If you experience the same troubles, we kindely ask you to fallow their path. Install and use the latest version of these two popular browsers. Don't forget to restart your PC or Smartphone from times to times.

If this does not help, and you still have trouble to watch our videos, do not hesitate to call our Support team for personalized assistance!
We are pleased to inform you that now makes part of the biggest European network of gay porn websites operated from France, which includes 33 gay sites.

We have made our best efforts to provide you the very best user experience on this new version of You will find a complete list of Cazzo movies, including some hard-to-find vintage titles, many new scenes and exclusive Cazzo videos you have never seen before.

To watch movies on this new version of the website, we kindly invite you to create a new user account and to subscribe to our ”Unlimited Access” offer. It allows you to watch not only Cazzo movies but more than 17.000 movies from all our websites, as many times you want, so long your membership is active.

Take your time to explore our vast catalog of movies! We are proud to offer many exclusive videos and hard to find content very similar to Cazzo movies on,,,,,, and other websites. As much as 10.000 videos are exclusive to our platform and you will not find those exciting videos on other websites. We update our platform with 25 new videos weekly, so you’ll find regularly new and exciting videos to watch.

If you watch videos from time to time only, you may also purchase and use some ”Tickets”. Tickets allows you to watch or download videos "à la carte”. Tickets do not expire, so if you buy a package of 100 tickets today, you can use them at your convenience to watch some video at any given time in the future, on any of our 33 websites.

As we do not have user-data from the old version of Cazzofilm website, we kindly invite you to create a new user account on this new version. If you have previously created a user account on some of our other sites, now you can simply login on with the same email and password.

If you have recently made a subscription on the old version of Cazzofilm, you can request a refund from the former owner of the website, at the following link:

Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance!

Thank you for your interest in Cazzo !

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