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Craig, Luke, Deacon, Leo & Dwayne all have one thing in common... they're unable to resist the urge to fuck a bound up twink, and hot young James knows just how to take advantage of that. Starting a bidding war between his 5 unsuspecting victims and getting them to cough up the cash is the easy part. Tying himself into the chair for the ultimate deception of tricking these lads into paying for his ass all while thinking he is being pimped out by an unknown master is the hard job. Can James pull off the job without them knowing and receive the biggest payoff of his life all while enjoying having his tight little hole stretched and pounded?

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Calling in a favour, Justin gets to stay in bed, and it’s very easy to see why he would want to!! Tattooed twink Mark has one of the most ripped abs ever seen, and with his cheeky grin and mischievous eyes, not to mention the kind of peachy ass that begs for a dick, he’s the ideal bed fellow!! After a quick dick sucking, these lads get down to the real stuff, Justin’s super hard cock going right into Mark as he bounces on top, letting Justin have free reign on how fast, deep and hard to push his hole, and of course, it gives us the best angles to see it!! Ready to release his hot load, Justin puts his hands to good work as he jacks off his new fuck buddy, before joining the spunk-fun and coating the other half of his mates body in fresh jizz!!

Hot top from Lyon for hungry bottom
Hot top from Lyon for hungry bottom

Visiting Paris, a handsome top from Lyon is welcomed at Alex Brand's place who will show him how dirty and submissive the parisians bottoms can be. The guy won't leave with a postcard but he'll have a good time shooting his loads. Manly jerking, prestigious cocksucking and comfortable ass ready to be filled : the tourist enjoys the local pleasures and fucks hard.

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Enjoying themselves, Andy and Neil have a great fuck on the sumptuous bed in Neil’s plush townhouse. With one of the hottest stud bodies, muscle man Neil also has one of the most suckable dicks ever created, cute and twinky Andy certainly makes of the most of it as he makes it wet with spit, tasting every inch as Neil stands over him, his manly frame holding onto the bed. Showing off his stunning body even more, Neil works Andy’s butt with his thick meat, tensing every rippling muscle as he slides nicely in and out of Andy in an advanced doggy style, giving us a view to die for of scorching hot sex!! Andy is one lucky soul to have such a fantastic fuck, this scene cannot be rated highly enough, it’s perfect, from the sensual sucking to the crazy cumshots which drain both fuckers completely!!

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A gay twink is jerking off in his bed when his pretty, beardless blonde roommate comes in and offers to help him to release the cum with his mouth and ass. As a passionate cocksucker the boy does a great job. And once the cock is hard he gives his ass to be pounded hard. Why settle for a hand job when you have a submissive gay guy ready to give his holes?

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Latin stud Paulus Güel is simply perfect: dark eyes, sensuous lips, great physique, and passionate. The man has star quality! And he even has great chemistry with his scene partner, the rugged Manuel Rocco. It's obvious just from their hot wet smooching that these two really enjoy each other. PETER AND JORDON BANKS

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Canaillou, the sexy handsome guy from Lyon fucks and is fucked by Thomas Pranis. As for Quentin, he takes the two beautiful cocks of his friends from Lyon.

Slave For A Bareback Threesome

Italo is a greedy boy, which is a good thing considering his friends Will and Cesar have a couple of big bareback cocks and a kinky attitude to go with them. The boy is bound by the wrists and stripped, his plump ass and uncut cock exposed for their enjoyment. With boners thrust in his face he's obliged to suck on his two horny young masters, but it's soon clear he's gonna get more than just a taste. Bent over and stuffed with raw young meat the boy gets it good and deep, but things only get more intense when the train fucking starts. It's no wonder sub bottom Italo is splashing a good load after getting both those dom boy boners up his chute.

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Young, smooth, naughty, thirsty, this gay twink loves cock and you can tell that right away. Two guys pull out their big dicks and he naturally submits, ready to do anything . An excellent greedy sucker, he takes the challenge of taking the bigger of the two cocks in his ass while he sucks the other. Obedient, making a lot of noise when he's fucked, he'll take big loads of cum.

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Steven’s plan to lure back two hotties to his place has worked perfectly. After shaving and getting ready for a great night out, he brings back Czech stud Alex and American twink John and the fun and games start right away! Bulging out of their sexy underwear, Steven drops to his knees in front of them, surrounded by throbbing shafts waiting for a real sucking, and boy do they get one!! Stuck in the middle, Steven gets the best of both of these eager lads, building up to an awesome sit roasting I’m so jealous of, but at least we get to watch all three at it!! Letting both smooth guys fuck his peachy butt, Steven ends up being well and truly fucked, in the ass and the face, if he had another hole, which would have no doubt been used as well!!

Bare Bathhouse
Bare Bathhouse

A white towel barely covers John Benner’s throbbing manhood as he stretches out in the sauna. His smooth, muscled body is on full display as sexy, lean hunk Dick Aprillo who comes from the shower, sits down on the bench next to him. Sensing John’s presence, Dicks’s hand grazes past his nipples on their way down to his crotch, stroking John’s stone hard cock. Dick also shows off his enormous manhood as he leans over to swallow John’s cock. As John’s cock massages the back of Dick’s throat, Dicks’s cock starts leaking precum in a long, dangling strand. Eager to get a taste of that, John goes down and wraps his lips around Dick’s cock while stroking himself. Eager to join the action Javi Carcia jumps into the sauna and starts sucking John’s raging hard-on. The three studs take turns kissing and sucking cock until Dick gets on his knees and insatiably sucks the two throbbing cocks at the same time. Getting to the shower, John bents over and lets Dick slide into his pole, while sucking Javi’s cock at the same time. Javi cannot resist the temptation and switches with John, letting Dick pound his manhole also. The studs finish up the threesome covering John’s pretty face with a lot of hot, sticky cum. Directed by Nick Mazzaro


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