Malik TN

Malik TN

Il a la tête du mari rebeu idéal mais il a préféré devenir un super casseur de boules. Malik TN cache derrière ses airs de mec bien une grosse soif de fions et il n'est pas du genre à se contenir. Quand un gars lui passe entre les mains, il sait faire monter la sauce. Sensuel ou super bourrin, son doigté élargit les trous les plus fermés et fait couiner d'extase les passifs les plus exigeants. L'as de la sodo, le coup de bite comme un art : la trique de Malik, tu vas la vouloir au plus profond !
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Kevin is a 19-year-old twink, who has just completed his training to become a professional firefighter. However, before becoming an official member of the fire station, there is one last test he must take: he has to show his obedience and solidarity. That is why the chief of the fire station, Malik TN, along with two colleagues, John Activia et Steph Killer, takes him to some wasteland and orders him to kneel down right away. In front of him, his two colleagues whips out their dicks and Kevin knows what he has to do. He hungrily blows them in front of chief Malik and then it is Malik's turn to unsheathe his impressive 9-inch-long hose and to take advantage of the new recruit's mouth. While Kevin is busy servicing his chief's big dick, his two colleagues start fingering his sweet ass while touching themselves⦠After alternatively blowing at length the three hotties who shove their dicks down his cock-craving throat, the slutty new recruit finds himself on all fours, on an old tire, ready to get plowed hard. And it's chief Malik who has the honor of taking care of Kevin's sweet ass⦠If he is having some trouble at first taking Malik's monster cock' for Kevin has some sweet yet tight ass' he soon gives in and enjoys Malik's powerful thrusts. The XXL-hung stud goes wild on the new recruit. Yes, he wants to test his stamina and his perseverance in adversity⦠He fucks him hard while his two colleagues enjoy his hot wet mouth! That cutie knows how to multitask⦠And that's a plus! Finally, for the last part of the test, Malik orders Kevin to kneel down to get officially baptized by his chief and his colleagues: he gets a triple cum shot on his sweet face. One can say that this new recruit has passed the test! He is an obedient guy, who will always be ready to give his colleagues a hand, or even a headâ¦

Jessy Dog finds himself in the warden's office for throwing his meal tray in John Despe's face. Malik, the gay civil servant, cannot get anything out of the scum and he sends him to the isolation wing. But it is not Malik's last word and he goes to the laundry room to question Quillian, who witnessed the scene. He will not spill the beans. Malik does not particularly appreciate such rebellious behavior. To wield his authority, he decides to humiliate the guy and to fuck him.'You don't want to talk? Your mouth is of no use then...', he tells him. Then, he starts fingering the puckered hole of the young boy, who is in tears, before hardly fucking him on the laundry basket. In pain, Quillian attempts to take hold of the walkie-talky to call for help. In Vain. To punish him, Malik thrusts his cock in and out of Quillian's tight ass even harder. Finally, to top it all, the warden unleashes his load of spunk all over the inmate's face before kicking him with his boots. A XXX humiliation scene.

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