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In his room, Evan Equiel tells the story of the aggression of the newbie that happened in the dorm earlier. It is the same kind of hazing that he inflicts on any new guy that arrives in the Youth Center. Since they get turned on by this story, Bryan Cost and Emilo Segura would like to enjoy Evan's 8-inch dick.

Last night, John Despe beat up Jessy Dog in the dorms. Morgan Daix, the corrections officer, caught him in the corridor. So, he asked his colleague, Emilo Segura, to interrogate the inmate to know what he was doing wandering around after curfew. In the cell, the corrections officer tries to play the tough guy. But John Despe quickly gets the upper hand and he whips out his big juicy cock before shoving it into the officer's mouth. Then, Emilio gets dominated by the hot bad boy. Extreme positions, spit fetish, facial cum shot... The officer is in for a rough time...

In the Sentier district in Paris, a neighborhood traditionally known for its textile industry, three young gay men walk up to the top floor of a warehouse, under the roof, for a direct sex session, no chit chat. Evan Equiel and Phoenix Jones take out their big dicks offering them to Mister Emilio Segura's hungry mouth. Emilo services Evan's dick while Evan's tongue gently swirls around Phoenix's cock head. Then, Evan decides to enlarge Emilio's ass hole. Not to make Phoenix jealous, Evan gives way to him, after a while. There is no doubt Emilio is relishing in this sex session, getting alternatively fucked by these two hot tops. He enjoys this threesome so much that he eventually unleashes huge loads of cum, some ropes of which are spurted on the neck of one of his partners. What a powerful cum shot!

It's 10 p.m.. At the youth center, the lights go out. However, the young boys are not sleeping. Quite to the contrary, they have launched a pillow fight. When the supervisor finds out, he bursts into a temper. On his way out, Emilo Segura makes fun of him. But Cédric, the supervisor, won't let him get away with it and he punishes him by thrusting his dick in the brat's mouth. At first, the other guys are watching from a distance but one of them starts getting a hard-on and asks if he can join in. Cédric gathers all the guys and gives them a rough time. Next time they will go to bed earlier.

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