T-Bow, c'est un mec viril mais aussi un bon passif grave chaud du boule, au cr'ne ras? et ? la barbe de 3 jours. T-BOW est originaire de Bordeaux et aime le sex No Taboo, surtout quand il est plut't actif dominateur
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"Alexis is having private lessons at a teachers' house. But the teacher (TBow) doesn't hesitate to teach another subject than the one for which he is paid. Alexis is going to take it up his arse for more than 20 minutes non-stop in every position. The video and a collection of out-takes for one ""allopass"" access code only."

Renaud is visiting Southern France and he has decided to have a look at a cruising spot that he has heard of. Apparently, you can go there and you find the crème de la crème of French hottie. As soon as he arrives, he finds a nice place between two trees, whips out his dick and starts wanking. A few feet away, a cute twink, Loan, sees him and he starts walking up to him. There starts the traditional routine of gay men in their natural habitat: Loan looks Renaud in the eyes before looking down at his stiff member. Renaud looks back at him subtly giving him the green light. Therefore, Loan heads toward Renaud and grabs his 8-inch cock that he starts stroking. After quickly making out with this random hottie, Loan finds himself with Renaud's dick in his mouth. Since this spot is very busy at this time of day, T. Bow, a third guy soon joins in. Right away, he take his dick out and gets it serviced by Loan's skillful mouth. Loan blows the two studs in turns, moving from one big dick to the other relishing in both of them⦠Then, it's Renaud's turn to take care of his two new'friends'. Horny as he is, he runs his lips up and down on T. Bow's rock-hard dick before swallowing Loan's. Though he is a 100% bottom, Loan enjoys this unexpected blowjob. Then, T. Bow decides to top the cute French twink. Up against a tree, he sticks his throbbing dick into Loan's welcoming hole. Renaud stares at them, turned on by this hot show⦠The hot stud's thrusts are at once energetic and deep, which causes Loan to moan louder and louder. All the while, Renaud gently kisses Loan's juicy lips. Then, it is his turn to enjoy that slutty bottom's hungry hole. The second top is so horny that he pounds him hard right away, without giving him any time to breathe. Finally, the two tops shoot their huge loads and take off, leaving Loan, in the middle of the wood, putting his pants back on⦠That is how cruising spots work: fuck and goâ¦

Every week, Alexis takes piano lessons with a hot teacher, T. Bow. And every week, the two guys take advantage of the piano lesson to practice Alexis' fingering but not on the piano, if you know what I mean. And today, Alexis goes straight to the point: he kisses him right away and soon off the clothes go. In the middle of his parents' living room, Alexis gives his teacher a long kiss. He presses his smooth fit body up against T. Bow's and he can feel his teacher's shaft stiffen against his stomach. Then, he drops to his knees to take T. Bow's thick dick in his mouth. But the blowjob does not last long: the teacher wants to take it to take it to the next level. He swings his student down to the nearest armchair and he starts sticking his dick into the French twink's warm ass. Their routine goes smoothly: their movements are accurate and the pace is well-mastered. T. Bow moves his dick in and out of Alexis' sweet hole, slowly at first and then with more energy, while gently kissing to his young lover. After getting fucked on his back, Alexis moves over to another chair and gets plowed on all fours. T. Bow shoves his dick deep inside Alexis' ass. They then move to a standing-fuck and T.Bow grabs Alexis' hips to make him feel every inch of his teacher's big tool. It's a real passionate embrace between those two! T. Bow is turned on so much that he tries not to cum and stands still to make the lesson last a little bit longer. To give his teacher some time to relax, Alexis sits on him and ride his dick, gently. Finally, T. Bow takes charge, lifts his student in a manly way and puts him own on a stool. He resumes plowing him hard until he pulls out and cums on Alexis' smooth abs. With such sex lessons paid by his parents, there is no denying the fact that Alexis id overjoyed and as far as T. Bow is concerned, he knows that his method is very profitable!

You will discover sex but also fits of laughter behind the scenes of'Hot Shooting' by Menoboy Studios. Come share the high spirits of the actors and myself. We're waiting for you.

Here's T-Bow teasing me. Check out how he tries to turn me on... He has only one idea on his mind: he wants to have sex with me. He wants to suck my dick and to fuck me in the ass. Well no... His dick is the only dick he will stroke...

You already know T-Bow, one of the actors from Menoboy Studios. Today, he is doing a split on a foosball table. Then, he gets fucked by James, a hot twink. Get ready for a hard dick, anal and oral sex and, to finish, a huge facial cum shot.

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