Mathieu Ferhati

Mathieu Ferhati

Mathieu Ferhati est l'un de ces bogosse sportif que l'on kiffe tout de suite avec son regard de braise et son sourire de loveur. Math est TBM avec une bonne queue de 19 cm bien épaisse et un coup de rein rapide et violent. Ce mec est infatigable au niveau sexe et vous risquez d'en redemander!
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Tonight, on the shooting set of our movie'Our Secret', things get out of control with the actors who want to fuck the only actress, Gwen. For some, it is a first time, for others it is a bi-sexual foursome. A must-see real video.

Ivan is a hot stud from Russia, visiting a bunch of friends in southern France. He is discreetly jerking off in the stair case when his mate, Mathieu, walks in on him. With no hesitation whatsoever, Mathieu drops to his knees and starts blowing Ivan's rock-hard 8.5-inch cock. The horny Russian stud then spins Mathieu around and pushes him up against the wall to take care of his sweet hole. After gently eating him out, he shoves his meaty cock into his friend's welcoming ass. Mathieu then gets on all fours and gets banged relentlessly by his Russian friend in the middle of the stair case before moving up against the banister in a hot standing-fuck. Their moaning testifies to the pleasure they are taking from this unexpected hookup, which draws the attention to their roommates in the living room. It actually does even more than that: it gives them some inspiration. To emulate the two hotties, they get into a hot threesome on the couch, almost stealing their friends' thunder. But it does not bother Ivan and Mathieu, who keep fucking in a variety of positions. Ivan is really attentive to Mathieu's pleasure asking him every now and them if he is enjoying it. In the end, he shoots an impressive load of cum on Mathieu's back, before being joined by the two other tops who add their hot creamy spunk to the hot stud's. That's how hot it gets when a bunch of French people live together and have someone over. Who said French people weren't welcoming?

Six boys by the pool
Six boys by the pool

Six cute boys by the pool; six smooth and defined beautiful bodies equipped with the finest cocks...They're not trying to catch some sun or reading books and fact two of them are kneeling down right now, pleasing the others. Now get ready for a horny 6-some fuck-ses

Last episode of LIFEGUARD with the explosive reunion of the two terrible lovers. Kevin joins Mathieu on his boat which finds the memory and his lover. A scene of the hotest tour in the high seas with a Mathieu Ferhati explosive in every sense of the word. Kevin, our triton, satiated and thirsty for sex will take full mouth and full ass. Jaw removal, anchoring, widening and shelling of our amphibian friend's ass that even if he breathes under the water will have his breath cut off. A finale or the hot boiling hot juice of Mathieu sprinkles the corp ephebe of Kevin for his great pleasure!

Mathieu Ferrathi is really horny and he wants to fuck some nice piece of ass to empty his balls. A video by Menoboy Studios, directed by Evan, our well-known actor.

A policeman pays a visit to a fireman, Ferathi, following a stone-throwing incident. At 7.30 p.m. the cop has to leave. However, he is held back by the fireman who pushes him against the wall and undresses him because he has a fire inside of him that he intends to put out. There starts a hot sex session between the two cuties. Once they have taken off their uniforms, the two French guys blow each other right on the floor. Then, the fireman fucks the young cop in every nook and cranny of his office. They start on the chair, before moving on to the desk and they finish where it all started: on the floor. The cop moans at each of his colleague's powerful thrusts. There is no denying the fact that the fireman knows how to use his big hose. In the end, the young cop shoots his load on his colleague's belly, while still getting plowed by him. When law-enforcement agencies cooperate, the fusion can be really hot!

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Six boys by the pool
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