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FELIPE and RYAN in couple for 1 year offers us their first sextape

Here is a young couple really cute. Felipe and Ryan. They have been a couple for a year and they wanted to spice up their sex life by using our services to make their first sex tape. Everything is allowed, there is no scenario, the two beautiful young boys, at first a little shy, are free to do what they want..... Really exciting, bravo guys

Curious for big bareback dick

Jordan is the kind of curious boy who can't say no to a sexy opportunity, even when it's another boy. He catches his buddy Casper at just the right time, his hard cock out of his pants and in his hand while he watches a couple of guys fucking on TV. He panics, but Jordan is more inclined to get his cock out too and share some bareback fucking than ridicule his friend to jacking off to gay porn. With the two gorgeous boys soon naked and swapping their leaking boners the guys take it all the way, with Jordan submitting to a bare boner ride, filling his hole with his friend's fuckmeat and riding him until Casper is desperate to feed his friend his fresh cream. With the taste of teen spooge on his lips Jordan rubs his throbber to completion, squirting his white mess over his tanned stomach.

Doggie games

Sam Balder est un bon puppy, il attends son maître pour jouer. Les deux garçons ont très excités et passent rapidement aux choses sérieuses. Une bonne baise en perspective.

Let me introduce you to my cum dump

Spy Boy investigates and talks to a rich gay twink who has a completely submissive butler who is also his sexual slave. After dinner he shares the boy with Spy Boy. The secret agent never says no to a moment of relaxation and slumps into the sofa to get a good blowjob. Very turned on by the situation, he takes control in a hot gay threesome where he will leads with his natural sexual domination.

Would you like to fuck my boyfriend?

As JP is busy in the room servicing his latest guest, Billy is at the reception and in comes cute curly haired Mark and his friend Brendan James! The same Hotel, the same couple.. something’s going to go very wrong, or very right! With Mark putting Billy up for some hot fun with his mate, Brendan isn’t so sure it’s what he wants, but as Billy slowly strips, exposing that hot hot body of his, Brendan’s face lights up and his eyes narrow with a sense of danger but excitement! Finishing off Billy’s trip for him, it’s not long before they are making out right there in the room and both getting steadily more naked until there’s nothing to so but fuck, and Billy is the king of fucking! The one position you’ll remember forever is with Brendan on his shoulders, on the floor, legs wide and Billy’s dick pushed down inside his open hole, giving us the best view imaginable, and them the best feelings they could wish for in a damn fine scene to get your own hole twitching in pure envy! Treated to a thick face full of cum after wards just makes this an immediate classic scene for the DreamBoy Hotel!

Brice Farmer and Jay Roberts fuck each other hard

Searching on the world’s favourite app for the nearest fuck, French beauty Brice Farmer strikes gold with dark featured Jay Roberts right behind him, and with a free flat! Running up the stairs with a semi already starting in his pants, they both strip for each other, turning each other on more and more until their tight white pants can’t take any more and their thick, nicely curved dicks burst out and down their throats!! Shaven headed Brice shows us what a perfect bottom boy he is, taking first go to get fucked, legs akimbo and his hole exposed for Jay to get his tongue really nice and deep, in preparation for his thick dick to fuck mercilessly, first from below, and then from above, leaving Brice no choice but to take what tattooed Jay gives him, and the angles we are given are fucking unbelievable, you’ll want to dive right in there yourself and have a go on him! Moving to the bedroom, Brice want’s some ass, and it’s only fair for Jay to spread his hole, and take Brice up to the balls, breathing deep as he’s fucked even deeper!! Watching these two fuck so tight into each other, then burst with cum is a sight to behold and you’ll be watching this over and over again!

Straight Boy Seduction

Back on dry land, Danny is looking for a ride and he gets one in the form of a sexy straight French boy who’s on his way to meet his girlfriend. It soon turns out to be a different kind of ride altogether when they pull into a garage and Danny has his legs spread and hole fucked hard over the bonnet of the car. For a first timer, this French boy sure can fuck, as he tenses his tight, ripped abs as he thrusts deep inside Danny, feeling him from the inside with his huge uncut cock!

Kai gets his boy

Sneaking off for a quick fuck with the guy he’s been chasing all along, Kai and Philipe finally get it on!! Both have such delicious dicks that we’ve been leering at throughout the film, it’s superb to see them both together, Kai taking the lead and slapping his throbbing cock over and up Phillipe’s smooth body, opening his legs to allow Kai extra depth, feeling each inch push harder past his hole. Watching their toned bodies flex and tighten, it’s a stunning fuck to feel part of as their abs show just as the spunk flies out of their bouncing dicks!!

Dad Does Dogwalker Doggystyle!

Big, gruff, rough and tough Northern dad Duke is tank of man, with huge biceps, thick, meaty thighs and a massively broad chest, all covered with masculine tattoos. However when he hears his slim, young dogwalker is broke he kindly offers him a way to make some extra money…by letting him fuck him!! A real man, Duke isn’t afraid to pound the boy’s pale, smooth ass mercilessly, holding his slender frame steady so that he can penetrate as deep as he can, making the teen moan with untold pleasure before both of them cum in an explosion of spunk!!

Fuck me and it's forgotten

Billy’s totally stressing out with running the hotel, and when Luke barges into his office he goes mental at him. Yelling at him that the only reason he’s still there is because JP loves his big fat cock (fact), he pulls it out and all is quickly forgiven! Luke, in his overalls and massive meat hanging out of them is a sight we all love, and Billy is no exception – swiftly on his knees and filling his mouth with as much of Luke as he can fit! As both boys feed of each other and Luke strokes himself to full, mouthwatering length, Billy bends him over and without any notice rams himself up his employee, pulling his shoulders back as his hips thrust forward, no wonder Luke yells out in pleasure, if only he could also see Billy’s tight tanned body flex as he does it, he’s be spunking instantly! Luke doesn’t get much attention aside from his dick, but here his body is as ripped as Billy’s, lean slim and toned, the perfect all round guy to fuck and get fucked by – it’s only a matter of time before our straight fucker Billy gets bent double! For now we’re happy with Luke getting the best of Billy, squatting all the way on and off his dick, we see both boys working themselves to an orgasm of biblical proportions!

Long hair, long cock

Dark haired indie boys show off throbbing cock!! Deano and Matt lay back and enjoy each others smooth bodies and rock hard dicks. Deano’s super thick dick looks fantastic as he stands over Matt and fucks his face, making his buddy horny as hell. Diving into his ass, Matt gets it ready to be stretched wide, first by fingers and then his solid meat sliding in from underneath as Deano rides it like a cowboy. Letting out deep moans as Matt grinds deeper, his ass is hungry for more and pushes down, bouncing hard as he feels each inch inside him.

Roommate with a big dick

Curtis was just planning to shoot off a load while he's in the shower, but when he discovers his hung roommate Oliver stroking his big cock to his private performance he can't resist the temptation to join his buddy in the next room for a little friendly fun. His delicious hooded dick is quickly being licked and sucked by greedy voyeur Oliver, but the boy's incredible cock is just a juicy, a fact cute young Curtis soon discovers when he dares to take a taste. Oliver's hole is even better than his greedy mouth, Curtis can't believe how good it feels when he eases his naked helmet into that tight hole and starts fucking his friend. Spunking his nut out over his stomach Oliver's roommate fantasy finally comes true, with his buddy launching his own goo over him. It's clearly time for another shower, together.