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3 horny rascal buddies

These 3 guys have a little secret that nobody knows about in their neighborhood : they love gay sex, and when they're together they fuck like crazy. Turnes on by each other's smells, they're shameless and have wild parties, sucking each other's dicks and fucking each other every which way. Buddies for life and crazy orgasms in bed.

Hey mates, let's fuck this afternoon

Luke and Leroy meet up with their buddy Seth for an afternoon out. But instead of just hanging out, they decide to go for a gay threesome at home. They've got all afternoon to jerk off, suck each other's dicks and fuck each other every which way, and they intend to make the pleasure last and cum in every possible way.

My buddy is at my feet

This guy turned one of his best buddies into his own personal cum dump. He gradually dominated him sexually and now the guy is literally at his feet. When the dominant initiates a sexual moment, the roles are clear and exciting. The obedient buddy licks his friend's feet well, before sucking his cock deeply. And of course he gives his ass and lets himself get fucked for as long as necessary. Once his dom buddy has had enough there's nothing left to do but stick out his tongue and wait for cum.

Depravity among friends

The guys in this neighborhood are good-looking twinks but like to play tough guys. Above all, they're obsessed with sex and deprave themselves among their buddies. The most vicious of the bunch loves to introduce his mates to new experiences. He likes to sniff their sneakers and get them wet with pre-cum in their underwear before sniffing them too. He'll initiate a buddy and then take him to a corner for a hot orgy. Pure hard sex.

Rutting football players
Rutting football players

Two soccer players are chilling out after a game. When their feet start touching, they start feeling horny. In no time one of the two is smelling the other's dirty socks, slowly going up between his legs to lick his sweaty balls and worship his musky cock. He wants it buried deep between his ass-cheeks. He doesn't have to wait too long...check this out!

A full load for the cute delivery boy
A full load for the cute delivery boy

A hot 30 year old Latino stud is pleasuring himself in the shower when the doorbell rings. No time to waist, he's expecting an urgent delivery. He opens the door and lets in a cute delivery boy. The man's hard-on is clearly visible under his towel and doesn't go unnoticed. When the boy turns around to hand out the paperwork to his customer he realizes the towel is gone and his eyes go straight down to the erect cock in front of him. He doesn't hesitate and fall on his knees to suck the beautiful piece of meat. How far will he go to keep his customer happy? Check it out!

The aroma of her feet

Cameron has been walking around town all day in his new boots, and they've made his feet sweat so bad. He's getting the chance to relax now though, and easing off those boots reveals slightly dirty, damp and smelly socks! Breathing in the aroma of his feet he gets so turned on, stripping naked and playing with his hard cock. Stuffing a sock in his mouth and beating his hard meat he takes himself toward climax, playing with his naked toes and feet, leading up to a mess of fresh cum splashing over the floor and his new boots too!

Post-workout pumping
Post-workout pumping

A cute blond boy is hanging out near a gym. He innocent looks quickly disappear when he spots a dude working out in a pair of speedos. His abs are showing and he looks like he's packing a great cock under the lycra swimwear. He checks him out and doesn't go unnoticed. In fact the sporty dude grabs him to give him a taste of his big dick. He came for a workout and the blond boy's ass is gonna do the job. Nothing like a good pounding to get your heart going!!!

Action movie in your ass

A handsome, smooth 27-year-old guy prepares the popcorn for movie night with a buddy. His buddy, on the other hand, is more in the mood for some action up his arse than on the screen. He unwraps his long, thick dick and soon the hunger for popcorn and entertainment is replaced by a thirst for cock. The smooth, handsome guy sucks and ends up getting his hole well and truly fucked. All the stunts in this scene were performed with no tricks and a lot of pleasure.

Shy but cock thirsty

Matthew looked so sweet and innocent we weren't sure we could convince him into the back seat with Danny and AJ, but thankfully we got him! Some cock sucking and wanking between the guys had him interested in more, and Danny even got to sink his considerable cock into that pale twink ass and fucked the cum out of him!

A wank in the car

Justin Strokes His Load Out In The Back Seat. After helping his buddy Casper with his cock it's time for Justin to shoot a load! Justin had just watched his friend Casper wanking his uncut cock and shooting a load in the back seat, lending a hand too, so of course he needed to join in! He doesn't care who might look in through the window as they drive through the city, his uncut length throbbing in his grip while Casper explores his body and encourages him on to splash a hot mess of cream out over his perfect body! Horny boys just don't care, when they need to wank they'll do it!

Your fingers turn me on

This blond gay twink accepts his buddy's offer of a massage. As soon as the guy lays his hands on him, he turns him on. His fingering is as sensual as it is fearsome. He gently runs his fingers up and down his body, warming it up and then going to caress and excite his hole. His ass begins to quiver with desire. And now the blond guy finds himself gorging himself on cock and getting fucked hard. He'll even let his buddy spurt him right in the ass!