18-Year-Old's Morning Craving

Time: 21 min

Elias and his friend, Andrea, spent a very hot night together. But in the morning, while they are having a bath, Elias wants more and he asks Andrea if he would like to have some fun. Andrea is all too glad to fuck his gorgeous friend up his ass again. To begin with, Elias swallows Andrea's entire shaft, his tongue slavishly swirling around his friend's cock head. Then, it's Andrea's turn to blow Elias' beautiful cut cock. Time flies... So, Andrea spins his partner around to eat out his ass. He inserts his tongue in his friend's hole before sliding his 18-year-old-old boy cock in. Then, he fucks him for several long minutes and takes out a huge dildo to have Elias reach climax. To finish, it's Andreas' turn to cum and he unleashes huge loads of cum on Elias' face. A gay porn video by French director Stéphane Berry, for MecsDeFrance Studios.

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