A Feast of Meat

Time: 22 min

Calling the new delivery service during a night in, Kayden Gray wants some extra fun and when Johny Cruz comes in with a deluxe pizza, he leaves that with his mates whilst he takes the horny toned PizzaBoy to the bedroom for something a whole lot spicier! Giving his mates a taster of what he’s going to get up to, Kayden and Johny swiftly make it to the bedroom as they suck each other whilst stripping offer, leaving Johny in the enviable position of taking Kayden’s huge thick 9.5” right down to the balls! Fucking him doggy style, Johny can’t believe his luck as Kayden picks up the speed, pulls his ass open and rams his rod as far and as fast as he can, his muscled frame tensing with each thrust downwards, putting real power behind the fuck. Playing with Johny’s cock and pulling it backwards, Kayden uses his delivery boy as a sex toy, with no complaint from Johny at all, spinning him around and sliding deeper inside missionary style, legs in the air and feet to camera, we get the best of every view, not forgetting the almighty cum soaking Johny is given, first by himself mid fuck, and joined by Kayden’s thick load swiftly after!

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