Work Loads

Time: 18 min

Taking a break from their duty, two horny young army recruits enjoy a swift game of cards whilst the bombs are dropping outside. The thought of such gets them wanting to experience everything at least once, including each other! The more innocent looking blond twink Lyle is the one who takes the lead and strips off all whilst making out with hot young brunette Edwin Sykes who totally reciprocates the lustful advances and whips out an impressive thick dick, instantly swallowed by the horny Lyle! Edwin’s big balls are lapped up nicely by Lyle, who wanks his own impressive dick whilst getting his mouth truly full of cock! Bending over to take what he wants, Lyle is soon wedged full of twink meat as Edwin works his hips back and forth, showing us just how horny young cadets can be, and proving it’s not just the men that know how to fuck!

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