Casper's Payback

Time: 22 min

Casper Ivarsson was in his bathroom, relaxing and taking a hot bubbly shower when Jerome James suddenly walked in there! That, as pretty much expected, made his young dick go through the ceiling in a matter of seconds. Casper started working on Jerome's fully pumping cock from the other side of the glass and that made him crazy hard as well! After a sweaty and passionate oral session the horny boys got into the living room where Jerome started gagging on his lover’s rock solid boner as fast as he can. The sexy young man insatiably sucked him off for quite a long time until Casper decided that it's time to bend his sweet ass over and started mercilessly pounding that raw little hole! Jerome also loved that Casper was kind enough to give him some good nipple rubbing while bare fucking him hard. Jerome then got on top of him and rode his stiff manhood until it was time for his lustful mouth to get covered with Casper's erupting cum!

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sc02 FrenchConnection 43
sc01 CaspersPayback 41
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sc01 CaspersPayback 43
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sc02 FrenchConnection 10
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