I don't need flowers : seduce me with your big dick

Time: 27 min

Seducing his boyish lover, toned and nicely defined Mark, with some damn hot tattoos accentuating his definition, brings him a red rose and wine to wake him up – nothing like a drink in the morning to get you frisky as hell! Massaging Julian’s slim body with the petals, he goes further and further south until he reaches his dick shaped destination. Both young horny boys enjoy a great extended suck session, tasting each other’s bodies and shafts as Mark gets himself ready to slam into Julian’s ready and waiting butthole. Giving us great views as mark lifts his fuck buddy’s leg sky high; the sight of masculine Mark giving it hard to twinky Julian will blow your mind, and your load when you catch both boys squirting their loads, Mark shooting like a star and nearly hitting the camera!!

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