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Time: 22 min

Taking a walk into the woods, Julian and Nick step aside to take a quick piss, watering the soil where they stand. Although not into watersports, these two get turned on enough by the sight of their dicks as they reach out to take a handful of each other before stepping back and getting more as they strip off under the sun, getting harder with every kiss and stroke of their smooth torsos. Taking it in turns to suck on the soon solid meat, their handsome faces are stuffed full of twink dick, so excited they have to slow down before they cum too soon! Taking Julian, the very cute youngster from behind, Nick is a very lucky guy to own that peachy ass, fucking him hard so his balls swing in the countryside as he builds himself to an almighty orgasm, leaving Julian’s hole twitching and covered in cum which he fucks back into his bottom boy, just how we like it!

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