Hard studying

Time: 43 min

Allen Lucas is such a studious guy. He's spending his Saturday afternoon studying for Monday's test. He knows all the hard work will pay off, but his buddy Paul Canon can't wait to hook up! As Allen takes a little nap break, Paul sneaks into Allen's house. He carefully approaches and gets close to snoozing Allen. When he knows the time is right, he licks on Allen's bulge, popping out from underneath his undies. Allen rouses a bit confused. But when he realizes it's his sexy friend Paul, Allen kisses Paul passionately and Paul takes it as a green light to pull out Allen's hardening cock. Wow, what a fat boner! It looks so good being sucked by Paul's caring mouth. Yes, this is exactly the type of distraction Allen needed from his books. After getting some of Allen's delicious dick, Paul decides to flip him over and lick that sweet hole. Allen spreads his cheeks apart to allow Paul to get the total experience. And once Paul feels Allen's ass is perfectly ready, he slides his stiff cock inside and works up a good pace. Allen knows that Paul likes to fuck hard, so after being pounded from behind for a while, Allen goes to his back so Paul can really dole out a hard pounding. Join these guys and find out why it's important to take occasional study breaks to blow off some steam!

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