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Published: 2019-03-23

Darian Hawke is new in Berlin and is therefore highly-prized fresh meat. The capital's citizens can hardly wait to get their hands on his sexy body and rock-hard cock.

Published: 2019-03-21

It is usually forbidden to try out underwear before you buy it, even in a sex shop...But, when the request comes from a super hot dude, the shop assistant is happy to make an exception. He even offers him the best in customer service: a deep blow-job and his tight ass to fuck.

Published: 2019-03-19

After a hard day at school, blond lads Koda and Alex are curled up together in front of the TV. Their hands get wandering, and soon they've started making out and groping each other's boners through their shorts. Alexis has plenty to offer in that department, and Koda's tight boypussy is up for a long ride on his French guest's fat fuckmeat. Alexis bores it into Koda so hard that's he's seeing stars ? but going by the amount of balljuice that he pumps out, it's exactly the kind of fuck he was hoping for!

Published: 2019-03-18

Beefy lad Jeremy Feist might not be too impressed with his closeted friend Preston Steel, but the guy wants that cock no matter what! The guys are taking what time they have alone to really appreciate each other in this anal slamming scene, starting off with cock sucking and ass rimming before Preston slides his hard cock into that beefy ass of his lover and fucks the huge cumshot out of him!

Published: 2019-03-17

Prolong the experience of the movie'The Snitch'. Take a peek at what is going on behind the scenes. It is really hot and fun. These five video clips were shot when the actors were on break between their scenes. In the apartment where they stay as well as in a bath house on a sex sling, the guys let the steam off, fucking like crazy. Have a look at Dylan who tops Matt Kennedy on a sling. Then, Kazmouz is having a hard time taking the massive cock of a guy from Avignon up his tight ass. Marshall is ploughed by Sunny on the washing machine. Kameron rims Pete Boule in the kitchen. Finally, it's Sunny Blue's turn to be hammered by Fabien Dolko.Boys are horny, dicks are hard and asses are pounded hard.

Published: 2019-03-16

Being boyfriends and working together can be difficult, but Max Martin and Wade Westin make the best of it! The hot couple take turns sucking cock before Wade is backing up to sit on Max's dick. The caramel skin Westin breaks a bit of a sweat as he fucked over the desk and on his back, too! With Max's cock sliding inside him, he cums on his smooth stomach. Max Martin isn't far behind, stroking out a creamy load.

Published: 2019-03-14

He isn't called Nickie Smiles for nothing ? this smart, mid-20s lad is usually sporting an inviting, freindly grin on his face. With his metal-rimmed glasses he looks a little too innocent to be doing a porn shoot, but everyone is hot for nerds these days ? especially new blood dude Lyle, who's very much looking forward to his ride on Nickie's massive, stiff cock.

Published: 2019-03-12

Marshall Paxton is supposed to meet Jess, from Crunchboy Studios, to shoot a scene, but he is early. No problem, his fellow actor is already in the shower. Sunny Blue takes care of Marshall on the washing machine. The two hotties are ready to go, their dicks are hard to a fault. A scene from the movie BaXstage' Sex Behind the Scenes of'The Snitch'.

Published: 2019-03-12

A couple of young French students leave the shores of northern Africa for Spain. They arrive in Seville by boat, where the skipper finds them a house to rent for a very resonable price. One of the boys leaves the nest and finds himself emarking on a mysterious journey towards a new destiny strewn with hot encounters. At the same time, a mercenary sends his henchmen to find him. These very special agents' training involves particularly intense and initiations.

Published: 2019-03-11

With a gorgeous stud like Cameron Kincade making a move it's no surprise a horny student is gonna be more than willing to give it up! Brizel is helpless when the stud wants some cock, but that twinky dick is soon solid as it slides in and out of the teachers mouth. That's just the start of this one, and Cameron is soon rimming out that hole and then fucking the boy on the desk all the way to some hot cum loads!

Published: 2019-03-10

Pete Boule comes back from the shooting of the movie'The Snitch'. Hardly does he set foot in the apartment when Kameron questions him about the shooting. However, Pete Boule doesn't look sexually fulfilled since he drops down to his knees to wrap his juicy lips around Kameron's hard-throbbing dick. Then, Kameron nicely takes care of the gay scum's ass. As usual, Kameron blasts impressive shots of spunk. The atmosphere is really hot behind the scenes of the movie'The Snitch'. Find out the other previously unseen sex scenes, shot by Jess, from Crunchboy Studios.

Published: 2019-03-09

This young and pretty blonde is clearly not very shy. He's the type likes sex and shows it right away. His partner, a sexy bad boy, takes time to graze his ass in depth. They suck, savor and enjoy. The blond ends up fucking that guy and even pretty hard, making him squeal like a bitch, until ecstasy.