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Before heading to the beach, Damien runs to the gym to get a good pump and show off his hot body. As soon as he arrives, Leo has his eyes on him and in no time he ends up with Damien's two fingers and a wet tongue in his willing ass. I bet you know what's coming...Don't miss the hot and juicy double cum-shot!


Since he has been on the Hotcast show, Matteo can't help sharing his new experiences with his newly found friends from the villa. Damien, his best friend, is more than happy to just do that. The two boys get together for fun, and Matteo is quickly on top of things, using his hands to break him in...Damien quickly let himself go, letting his body talk...

Zitoune is a real fan of big cocks and hard fucks. In this video, he's teamed up with Giovanni. The two "Hotcasters" are meeting in the wood for some hidden fun. After an outdoor 69 rather classic, Giovanni starts banging Zitoune's ass with his huge boner. It's rough, it's intense and Zitoune love's it! The boys put on a show, be ready for this!

Zitoune is a big fan of Darkrooms and leather scenes so we offered him a special set up to suit his taste. Leather outfits and a darkroom for Zitoune who seems to be in heaven in this video, especially when he gets savagely fucked by Matteo who spares no effort on his slave's ass! Zitoune moans and groans! Cum and listen!

Francois and Giovanni
Francois and Giovanni celebrates the launching of "Hotcast X season 2", a DVD you can buy at attractive price on, It gives you the opportunity to discover, in exclusivity on the web, one of the scene of the DVD, where French porn star Fran'ois Sagat get laid by Giovanni, the italian stallion who won the TV show. Enjoy

Brice, the playboy has a new flat asks his buggy Medhi to check it out and sleep over. After a nice massage, Brice fucks his arab mate. Cool or what ?!

Fireworks for the end! For their last night at the Villa, the Hotcasters have organized a farewell party in front of the camera. Our six guys, enjoy their last moments together in a big orgy where everybody gives the best he can. 6 hot guys, a lot of combinations. That’s the way we do XXX real tv; nothing but pleasure and their groans point out something for us: they are not amateurs!

You will surely remember the condom test with huuuge dildo. Sofiane has confirmed his reputation of greedy pig of sex, taking Cheik far from the scene but close to the dildo. An arab black duo really hot where gazes can burn like fire. Cheiks shows up his kinky top side and Sofiane got the Oscar for the best quick dilatation. That’s style!

A good Hotcaster is not shy. Brice and Jeremy give us the proof in this clip where they jump in a hot mid-day sex session. We caught them during their drooling preliminaries on the stairs under the sun. But they move quickly to their room to complete the session: who’s on the top? Once on the in room, Jeremy is bottom. And you can hear it!

Souan, the black diamond and Brice the man with a killing gaze have really fallen in love during the show. But our candidates claim themselves 200% top. That’s not enough, anyway, to impede them to go for a walk in the fields and take some pleasure in the middle of wheat fields. Sensual approaching under the sun, hands and tongues for the play. Nothing is better then a haystack for hot suck!

An amazing solo in this sequence! Come and see the one we call “the Anaconda”, a handsome West Indian with a bad boy face and 10 inches between his legs… hard to believe? Well, come and check!

Our two lovebirds have been caught by the camera on the edge of the swimming pool. They will show us the special friendship feelings they have. Once again, they play for us the swimming pool scene, so demanded by real tv fans! But this time you will be able to spy them and appreciate each single detail. Sofiane takes his friends under the sun but beware, not too strong or you will get burned!