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While working late with Jacob Durham, Ray Han gets Lance's words a little twisted as he claims that their boss wants to get serious with Jessie. Hearing that Jessie and Lance are dating, Jacob says he's going to put the moves on Connor. While they gossip, the two come to the startling realization that they're the only two employees at Sir Velvet Press who haven't hooked up? until now. They quickly strip down before Jacob sucks Ray's uncut cock and eats him out, getting his hole nice and wet. Jacob fucks Ray over the desk before sitting back in the chair and giving his ass up, turning the scene into a flip flop!

A rich boy goes on a camping holiday. Why a camping when his family could afford to send him to some exclusive holiday resort. The answer is simple: he likes the company of boys his age and there are plenty at the camping. The good looking boy has plenty of choice. Tonight he's using his raw cock on a blond skater boy!

The young Jerome James is caught in the moment as he is baking sweet stuff in the kitchen. While he does it, he requires the advice of his experienced friend. However, when Vitali Kutcher joins him, Jerome ends up accidentally spilling some custard all over his torso. Luckily for him, this escalates into a really hot situation. Jerome takes his lover's shirt and starts making out with him. Later on, he drops down to his knees and then sucks his boyfriend's massive dong. This prepares Vitali for some hot bareback breeding, which resulted in a massive, thick shot of cum being fired.

He looks great and sexy. His long hair, his piercing, his athletic body and handsome face makes him very desirable. But his best quality isn't his looks, it resides in his mouth. The dude is an expert cock-sucker. In fact, he boyfriend can't get enough of his blow-jobs!

You simply can not fight passion and that is what Johannes Lars and Dmitry Olsen prove while finally giving in to their desire. After a very sensual make out, they go further and treat each other with some fantastic rimming, so that those sweet holes get prepared for what is about to come. Wet and loosened up, Johannes' ass is ready to grip Dmitry's throbbing man pride. Loud moans fill the room up as Dmitry penetrates his partner from behind, slowly building up the tempo, reaching that heated pounding level. Their raw and deep anal drilling continues throughout multiple positions, finally making Dmitry drain his balls out. His partner's sweet hot cum makes Johannes spray out his juicy jizz load as well.

Florian Mraz was on the stairs, wanking his dong to some porn he watched on his mobile. Jay McDalley comes by and surprisingly didn’t want him to stop, but rather started licking his cock right there on the stairs. Florian reached with his hand and started wanking his dick until he felt ready to stick it inside his mouth. Jay wanted to ride him so bad that he told him to sit down and started bouncing on that shaft. This went on until Florian lifted one of his legs and smashed his asshole with the biggest pleasure! He came inside his mouth and Jay loved the taste!

Greg Noll and Jamie Oliver are ready for their first hard sex with each other, so the tension is high. As they slowly make out, their shafts get harder and harder and by the time they strip each other, their big pricks are rock hard. Jamie suddenly gets his sweet mouth around Greg's huge member, slowly licking and sucking it. Greg repays the oral favor before he bends his new lover and penetrates him hard and deep. Pounding him with lust and passion in his eyes, he gapes Jamie's tight ass, finally filling it up with his warm and sticky cum.

They just turned 18 and practice a lot of sport but as soon as they're left alone, they grab each other's cock and get to work. The three young piggies love the smell of sweaty cock and balls. It makes them very horny and they can't help but to fuck!

Jumping onto the doctor’s chair for an all over examination from cute young Louie, new face Scott strips bare, even removing his necklace to ensure he’s given a proper seeing-to! Doctor Louie is more than obliging to his sick patient, especially when he gets a look at his growing dick – and it’s huge!! Some basic ball play to check he’s in full health, Louie can’t resist playing some more, and getting a sample of spunk from this virile young twink!! Working hard, he obviously enjoys his job as he takes his time to make sure Scott is completely relaxed. Slowly peeling off that sexy doctor’s kit, Louie’s body is smooth, slim and with some great definition around his torso, not to mention that great dick poking in front of Scott’s hungry face!! Scott’s perfectly formed dick is given a hell of a lot of attention from the young doc, and it’s soon clear that he wants is inside him, deep in his ass – and what the doctor wants, the doctor gets. Bending over his chair, Scott lubes up and pushes into his boyish crack, filling his hole with that tasty piece of meat, pulling him down onto it as he thrusts up, working his young body to a glistening sweat and letting the camera right in so we can see every detail of Louie getting fucked raw by this hung handsome twink!!

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No bullshit and no taboo between the three horny lads. They've come to a quiet place in the woods to enjoy the outdoors and mostly, to enjoy each other's cock and ass! Everyone gives and takes, no tops no bottoms, only 3 horny little piggies!

Sometime you feel like you just won the jackpot! Like the hot stud in this video. He can't believe his luck. Working on his big cock is the cutest boy. Not only he is cute but he's got a perfectly smooth sculpted body and an ass that screams fuck me!!! Man he's gonna have a good time banging the little beauty's holes!