Nathan Hope

Nathan Hope

La nouvelle star chez Citebeur et Sketboy, Nathan Hope est un turbo bogoss, tatouée à la mode lascar, équipé d'une bonne tige et en plus un bon actif. En gros, une bombe ! Quand ce beau mec se promène dans la rue, y a pas que les filles qui tournent la tête. Avec sa belle gueule de petit ange et son attitude de lascar bad boy, Nathan a tout pour lui et il va te démontrer que ses qualités ne s'arrêtant pas là.
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Calling for pizza, Nathan Hope aims to diffuse a situation between him and his boyfriend using the best rick in the book – a third person! Calling for the PizzaBoy, Johannes might be scared his secret tryst is going to be found out, but when dark haired Ross enters, all is well and when Nathan calls him back and starts making out with him, Johannes is dumbfounded and totally turned on! His prude boyfriend is gone and the sexy sultry French boy is here, getting head in front of him! Joining in the hot two-some, Johannes make a three-way they will all never forget! Moving to the sofa, Johannes gets a juicy blowjob as Nathan eats and then fucks ass, making his smooth hole wet before sliding his long straight dick deep inside, spit roasting the slim twink they’ve called over! Looking over at each other over the boy who’s getting fed dick from both ends, they connect once again and rediscover the lust they have. Nathan fucks Ross deep, pushing his throat further over Johannes’ dick, bending the boy double before shifting him on the sofa and the horny young Johannes takes his place, slurping on the warm dick of his boyfriend which was just inside Nathan’s ass as Ross takes up position behind and fucks the milky white boy.

Tempted to cheat on his boyfriend, French beauty Nathan Hope goes down on friend and temptation Nathan Raider who is horny as hell after the treat Kayden gave them in the room before disappearing for his sweaty fuck in the bedroom. Left with blue balls, Italian Stallion Nathan whips his thick dick out and Nathan Hope can’t help but devour it, eager to lose his prudish reputation! Taking it all down his handsome throat, Nathan Raider strips off and then strips off his newly persuaded fuck buddy, taking his dick in his mouth and repaying the favour! Tattooed young Nathan Hope then gets treated to Nathan’s tasty hole, slipping on a condom and taking Raider from behind, lubing up plenty as the mostly top guy gets a taste of dick in his ass! Moaning out in probable pleasure, Hope slowly works himself balls deep before cranking the speed up and fucking his buddy hard! Ready for payback, Raider gets a go on Hopes ready and waiting butthole, handfuls of lube and it’s sliding in before he knows it! Laying back and taking the slow hip thrusts forward, the tattooed young man, leg held up and the other down, giving us the best view of Raider’s thick dick disappearing inside the hairless hole. Raider obviously hits the spot as Hope’s balls are soon tightening, edging himself closer until it explodes from him, covering his smooth torso, and mixed in with Raider’s juice as he pulls out and dumps his own wads over his buddy, almost hitting his face!

Nathan Hope wanted to explore his kinky side. He contacted a dominant top and asked him to tie him up. For hours he lost total control of his body. He became a sexual toy for the expert hands of his torturer who took pleasure in slowly milking his cock and pouring hot wax all over his body.

Nathan Hope is simply irresistible. The sexy French stud is so cool and easy-going! He puts everyone at ease. But make no mistake; as nice as Nathan seems to be, he fucks hard and deep. Once inside an ass, he doesn't stop until his big cock is satisfied! Today he's meeting up with Matthew Anders who's dying to service his dick!

Language teacher Luke was just trying to round out the cultural exchange program with his two students Nathan and Kimi by trying out some typical English cooking with them. The two cheeky imps find Luke extremely sexy and manage to find a way to turn their cooking lesson into a horny threeway. The teacher gets taken in a long fuck session by one lad after the other and has to give them credit ? they have talents more hidden than he realised.

Nathan is looking for some proper sucking, and Dolan is ready to give it to him. What starts as an intense gloryhole suck soon becomes a lot more for Dolan. His hairy ass is soon up for rimming and the gorgeous jock laps away, before easing his raging boner into the guys hole. Fucked in some great positions and taking a ride on that impressive shaft, Dolan wanks his cum load out over himself and takes a splashing eruption from his top too! That's definitely a satisfying sex club visit!

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