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Johannes Lars

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Calling for pizza, Nathan Hope aims to diffuse a situation between him and his boyfriend using the best rick in the book – a third person! Calling for the PizzaBoy, Johannes might be scared his secret tryst is going to be found out, but when dark haired Ross enters, all is well and when Nathan calls him back and starts making out with him, Johannes is dumbfounded and totally turned on! His prude boyfriend is gone and the sexy sultry French boy is here, getting head in front of him! Joining in the hot two-some, Johannes make a three-way they will all never forget! Moving to the sofa, Johannes gets a juicy blowjob as Nathan eats and then fucks ass, making his smooth hole wet before sliding his long straight dick deep inside, spit roasting the slim twink they’ve called over! Looking over at each other over the boy who’s getting fed dick from both ends, they connect once again and rediscover the lust they have. Nathan fucks Ross deep, pushing his throat further over Johannes’ dick, bending the boy double before shifting him on the sofa and the horny young Johannes takes his place, slurping on the warm dick of his boyfriend which was just inside Nathan’s ass as Ross takes up position behind and fucks the milky white boy.

Cute and innocent Johannes Lars is looking forward to a delivery. But what he gets is Dmitry Osten and Titus Snow, two butt-junkies with balls bursting for a sub’s ass. They bag him and drag him. Back in their fuck factory, they teach the helpless young preppie what hard sex is all about. He suffers the humiliation of having to suck cock before his captors get to his smooth, young ass. Spanking, fingers crammed into his hole, and then the shame of a two-dick bareback fuck finally push Johannes over the edge as all three guys deliver great loads.

You simply can not fight passion and that is what Johannes Lars and Dmitry Olsen prove while finally giving in to their desire. After a very sensual make out, they go further and treat each other with some fantastic rimming, so that those sweet holes get prepared for what is about to come. Wet and loosened up, Johannes' ass is ready to grip Dmitry's throbbing man pride. Loud moans fill the room up as Dmitry penetrates his partner from behind, slowly building up the tempo, reaching that heated pounding level. Their raw and deep anal drilling continues throughout multiple positions, finally making Dmitry drain his balls out. His partner's sweet hot cum makes Johannes spray out his juicy jizz load as well.

A cute blond boy who loves please a top, invites one of his fuck-buddies over. At the menu: ass-rimming, spanking, domination, deep fuck and of course, plenty of hot boys-cum! With Johannes Lars, fucked by Felipe Capuco/

19 years old, blond, longish hair, smooth and skinny. He's a good boy most of the time but sometimes he likes to be dominated. We found him a young dominant dude who's gonna turn him into a whore!

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